Making Democracy Work

Land Use Planning and Transportation

Consensus on Land Use Planning

(Based on 2003 Growth Policy Study)
1. Coordinate long-range work plans among city and county departments, school districts, appointed boards, and other governing bodies to make certain that government actions do not promote sprawl.

2. Consider specific development requests in view of long-range plans and overall cumulative effects, rather than in isolation.

3. Local governments should examine the overall structure of boards, commissions and committees that impact growth, zoning and subdivisions and implement procedures among them to eliminate fragmentation, duplication and confusion.

4. Wherever possible, appoint to boards and commissions individuals whose primary consideration is for the general welfare of citizens, as opposed to those who benefit financially from board and commission decisions. Appointments should direct gender balance as well.

5. Examine structure of boards, commissions, and committees that impact growth policy, zoning, and subdivision regulations. Implement procedures among the myriad boards, commissions, and committees to eliminate fragmentation, duplication, and confusion.

6. Maximize public participation, improve planning outcomes, and minimize special interest impact by:

  • a) Improving public notice by using most effective and current means, and
  • b) Holding public meetings and hearings at convenient times and within neighborhoods of those affected by the issue at hand.
    7. Integrate long range transportation planning with all other planning throughout the county.

8. Improve public transportation to make the community more socially cohesive, environmentally healthy and economically vibrant and expand the use of multi-use trails and bike lanes.

9. Build safe streets judiciously, without overbuilding in rural areas which encourages sprawl.

Position on Transportation

Adopted by both LWV Billings and LWVMT in 2008.

The League of Women Voters proposes to reduce vehicular traffic by increasing the use of public transportation with expanded mass transit systems.

Improved public transportation will provide better and more affordable access to housing and jobs for Montana citizens and will help Montana to reach overall goals of conservation and reduction in the use of fossil fuels.

The League of Women Voters urges maintenance of existing highways and requests reexamination of plans for new highways in order to divert funding to public transportation.